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Face Roller or Gua Sha?

Skin Artisan | Facial Roller | Gua Sha | Jade Stone
Face Roller vs Gua Sha
Are you interested in adding facial stones to your skincare routine? Of course, there are tons of options out there, so which one is right for you? Check out this comparison table for quick information on the face roller vs gua sha debate!


Gua Sha

Single, flat, handheld stone
Used to massage the skin
Requires time and technique
Stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage; reduces puffiness
Excellent for deep stimulation 

    Facial Roller

    Rounded stone on a roller with a handle
    Rolled across the skin
    Can be used quickly and easily
    Stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage; reduces puffiness
    Suitable for quick, frequent stimulation


      Skin Artisan | Jade Roller | Gua Sha | White Jade

      Gua Sha stones and facial rollers do have their differences, but they have a lot in common, too. Want to find out more? The rest of this article will expand on the above table, detail the benefits of both stones, and how to get the most out of your Gua Sha stone or facial roller!

      What are the benefits of Gua Sha stones and facial rollers?

      Both methods have the same benefits: increased facial lymphatic drainage, decreased inflammation, redness, scarring, decreased fine lines and wrinkles, and facial muscle tension relief. 

      What is lymphatic drainage, and why is it important?

      According to Glamour, most skin conditions can trace their roots back to poor lymphatic drainage. By massaging your skin with gua sha stones or facial rollers, you can stimulate your lymphatic system and get everything moving again. 

      Why is this important?

      Well, when your lymphatic flow has stopped, or waste has become stuck beneath your skin, minor, painful infections can form. Unfortunately, these infections can also take a long time to heal. That’s why consistent use of your facial roller or Gua Sha stone is a critical part of keeping your skin happy and healthy. 

      Is one faster to use than the other?

      Facial massage with Gua Sha stones is often more time-consuming than the facial roller but has the added benefit of bringing some deeply relaxing self-care time into your skincare routine. However, if you’re a bit more strapped for time, the facial roller is quick, easy and intuitive to use. 
      Again, the most critical factor in either method’s efficacy is consistency: you want to be able to commit to using your Gua Sha stone or facial roller for about 5 minutes per day. If it’s easier and more convenient to get the hang of the facial roller, that’s what you want to go for. 

      Is one better suited to specific skin types?

      According to Herbivore, Gua Sha can often show better results with deeper skin conditions, like stimulating deep flow for cystic conditions or reducing the look of deep-set wrinkles. For conditions that may require frequent application, such as redness from rashes or flushing, a facial roller may be more beneficial due to its ease of use. 

      Can I put my Gua Sha stone or facial roller in the fridge?

      Yes! Placing your gua sha stone or facial roller in the fridge can have the added benefit of a pleasantly cool touch, which both feels great on the skin and helps to decrease redness. 

      Skin Artisan | Facial Roller | Gua Sha | Rose Quartz

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