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Benefits of natural skincare

Natural Skincare | Australian Made | Organic

Switching to a natural skincare routine can reduce common skin problems, allergic reactions, and reduces exposure to toxic and cancer-causing synthetic ingredients. Natural skincare is healthier for your skin, and the planet. 


Natural skincare is so on trend right now and it’s no surprise considering the make-up and skincare industry is shockingly unregulated. For years we have been lathering our skin with cancer-causing ingredients and skin-stripping chemicals all in the name of beauty and until very recently, most of us have been none the wiser.


The good news is that “natural” and “clean” products aren’t just for your crazy hippie aunt any longer. In recent years many people, like you and me, have chosen to switch to healthier, more natural skincare products and the beauty industry has taken notice. Check the web and you'll find countless beauty gurus who blog about natural skincare. 
Natural Skincare | Australian Made | Organic


So, how then, do we wade through the greenwashing, and figure out which products are safe. It seems like it should be easy right? 
Well, with a little research, and some common sense, it can be. Not everyone has the time to religiously google every single product on the shelves though, so a simple rule is to choose all-natural skincare products. 
Here are some of the top benefits of choosing natural products for your skin
  • Natural products are less likely to cause allergic reactions 
  • Natural skincare nourishes the skin with healing botanical ingredients 
  • Going natural limits your exposure to toxins and carcinogens 
  • Natural products are better for the planet 
  • Natural skincare will be free from those nasty harsh chemicals and will nourish your skin with healthy ingredients that come from the earth. 
What is natural skincare anyway, and how do we choose the right products?
Natural skincare generally means that the products will be free from harmful synthetics and chemicals that can damage the skin and wreck our health. 
We want our natural skin-care products to be mindfully produced with ethical and sustainable ingredients that are good for our bodies and our planet. We also want them to be cruelty-free. (i.e no animals were harmed in the making of our face wash, thankyouverymuch.) 
Natural Skincare | Australian Made | Organic


Take a look at many of the cringeworthy nasty ingredients listed on the backs of mainstream skincare products. You'll be shocked to learn what you've been exposing yourself to. It is up to us to choose healthier alternatives for ourselves. 
The good news is that with Skin Artisan's natural skincare, and our commitment to blog natural skincare, we now have access to more high-quality and safe products than ever before! Don’t feel like you have to purge your entire routine all at once if that feels overwhelming. 
It's better to take baby steps towards natural skincare than no steps at all, so do what your budget allows. But if there is anywhere to splurge a little, it's in your skincare routine.


The benefits of switching to a natural routine speak for themselves. You will reduce your exposure to toxic ingredients and your skin will be healthier and more nourished than ever before. Remember, skincare is self-care!
Natural Skincare | Australian Made | Organic

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