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What are the benefits of using a Crystal Eye Mask?


Crystal eye masks have many healing properties. They are all-natural, and they can nourish your skin and relieve stress. The weight of the crystals also helps reduce anxiety, similar to a weighted blanket. Crystal eye masks minimize puffiness and dark circles under your eyes as well.

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The Benefits
Crystal eye masks are weighted eye masks made out of natural crystals, and they nourish your skin and relieve tension, stress and pressure. In addition, the coldness of these crystals brightens dark circles, decreases puffiness, increases blood flow, calms redness and irritation, and even makes it easier for your lymph nodes to drain. Crystal eye masks are a great, relaxing way to end your facial, especially after intense treatments.


Crystal eye masks also help with anxiety. Much like a weighted blanket, the weight of the crystals helps relieve stress. This use of weight to reduce anxiety and stress has been practiced for thousands of years. There are no risks associated with using crystal eye masks, only benefits. They are an all-natural way to reduce stress and eye puffiness and improve your skin health.

SKIN ARTISAN | crystal eye mask

How to Use
Crystal eye masks are easy to use, and you can use them at any time. Whenever convenient for you, lay down and lay the mask gently over your eyes. You can use the eye mask for up to twenty minutes before removing it.


For the best experience, refrigerate your eye mask before you use it. The coldness of the crystals will have even more extraordinary healing powers, such as helping to increase collagen production and circulation. 
Using an eye cream after using the eye mask helps lock in all of the benefits from the eye mask. You can use the eye mask at any step of your facial; its benefits will be overwhelming!

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