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Skin Rolling - Before & After

Skin Rolling - Before & After - Skin Artisan
Have you ever thought about skin rolling but not sure if you should or not? Well, our girl Jas is here to share her journey with skin rolling and what it has or hasn't achieved for her! 
Skin Artisan jade face roller
When did you start skin rolling and why?

I started skin rolling approximately a year ago, I was working very odd hours (coming from a personal training background), and balancing those crazy hours with a family at home started to take a toll on my skin. I had noticed very fine lines on my forehead and smile lines that were not there before. My skin started to look dull and not as plump (youthful) as it used to and I believe the stress of my job was showing through my skin! I started doing some research on options other than Botox and read a lot of benefits from facial rolling, so that is when I decided to see if the hype was worth it or not!

Did you find incorporating a facial roller into your skin routine worth it?

UM YES! It was almost like an instant temporary result the first time I used one! 

What benefits did you get from rolling?

I found that my skin instantly looked more plump and full, I think this is because the blood rushes to the surfaces and you can see it circulating instantly. Over time I have found that my fine lines have slowly faded only being slightly visible in comparison to before! 

Were you disappointed at all or was anything untrue about-face rolling? 

Disappointed? NO! Although I did find that a lot of people make face rollers out to be something that will make your face stay line-free forever.. this is not true! It is not a miracle tool but it defiantly helps in retaining a more youthful glow and natural plump to the skin. 

Did you use anything with the face roller whilst rolling?

Yes, I always pair it with a vitamin C serum. I found it penetrates the product into my skin quickly and I also like the feeling of it!

Would you recommend face rolling to anyone?

Yes, most definitely! If you are looking for a tool to assist product penetration and help regulate blood flow in the face then this is the perfect option for you! Don't think of it as a miracle tool but rather a more natural way of keeping the skin fresh and plump daily. 

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Skin Artisan jade face roller

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